Pregnant Without a Cause

Pregnant Without a Cause

Paperback – December 18, 2011

Written under the pen name Wilshire Lewis, this manic comic novel is a Young Adult/New Adult/Midlife Crisis tale that also involves reality TV and a surprise baby.

Michelle Scharf has an insoluble problem—and it’s not that she is divorced and pregnant, or that she has no job or health insurance. It’s also not her reality-show romance with a man she can’t stand, or her fifteen-year-old-daughter Callie, who is terminally depressed and dreading another year as a high school nothingburger.

Michelle knows she has to give the baby up for adoption, an idea Callie adamantly opposes. When things get out of control and threaten to ruin both their lives even more, Callie comes up with a brilliant plan to solve all their . . . well, anyway most of their problems.

The solution, however, puts Michelle and Callie on a roller-coaster ride of half-truths, exaggerations and complications which take on a life of their own. Pregnant Without a Cause mixes teen angst with midlife crises and backstage drama in screwball plot that’s as old as vaudeville and as new as that reality show they just announced, you know, the one where the contestants have to . . . well, they really have gone too far now.

Behind the light tone you can feel the undeniable influence of classic authors. All the characters are so flawed you might recognize a few of your friends or family members. All in all, this funny book manages to make you laugh, shake your head… and think. I loved it.

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